Tuesday, March 24, 2015


dance class...cute kids with poi balls...works for me...

pam, the saint.
she has been teaching this class for a long time.
we've done luau, ballet, line dancing, "thriller" -
but making these poi balls and watching the silliness that ensues,
that's good stuff.  

even though it is hard for me to leave the house at night -
(i am usually so wiped)
it is fun to get out and laugh with/at these kids.  
they are so full of life and passion, giggles and hardwork.  

and while i say it all the time - 
i will say it again...
thanks pam.

Monday, March 23, 2015

re-thinking their space...

after seeing so many inspiring work spaces on our art studio tour we attended this weekend,
the kids are all abuzz with the idea of reinventing our space upstairs into a more proper studio. 
and even more so, they want to create a really good studio space in the garage -
for paints and clay and the like.  

here are some of the spaces we saw on saturday:

tell me, do you want a more dedicated art space?
do you struggle as i do with how to have that space and how to let the messes happen,
and yet still protect your nice things and your sense of order in this world?
do you dream about a country property that has a massive white walled, bewindowed building,
concrete floors and piles of canvas and paint and supplies artfully arranged everwhere?
please tell me i am not the only one?
go HERE to get inspired!
and in the meantime, this has been on my "to figure out how to do" list for ages -

found HERE
except i want it on the deck upstairs -
so we can stop hauling water color jars and oil paint filled brushes through the house.  
oh, and think of all the science experiments that we can do and clean up from with this baby.  
i don't even mind the idea of hooking it up to a hose -
that wouldn't be tacky at all, right?! ;)

Flashing back to earlier this month...

chuggers and i headed up north at my mom's behest.
she wanted to shop for trees for my birthday -
(though i already knew the bare roots would be gone).
but it was a good opportunity to spend a couple of days with charlie,
who has been in need of some alone time recently.  

and so we headed up north and since my mom has many low parts of her day,
where she needs to sleep and stay low,
we spent our afternoons or mornings (or both)
finding little adventures to go on.

and since we have the annual family pass to the exploratorium -
(best investment we've made in years) -
we decided that would be one of our little (big) adventures. 

ignore all my crappy i-phone pics.

okay, catching up as i go.  
and i couldn't recommend an exploratorium pass more highly!
(if you head up to the bay often, which we do)
we bought it in november and it has already paid for itself three times over. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

can we all just agree to reboot 2015?

it has taken me a long time to get to this very moment -
and even in this moment i am not really feeling it -
but i really, really, really need to reboot this year. 

i need longer days of just hanging out with my babies in our sunny school room.
i need longer nights of deep sleep, just a breath away from the warmth of my love.
i need a few long weekends of reading and romance,
playing on the beach my my kids,
and a few longer weekends of filling my garden beds and planting lavender.

so, in this moment -
i am ready to reboot.
i need to reboot.
i can't take a week like the last,
or like the week before it.
and even the month before that.
and definitely the month before that.

as of tomorrow, i am going to try to make a conscious effort to start this year again.
i think it is time to take control of all the lack-of-control that circles around us.
i know i can't change so many facets of my life, or rather, the lives around me.
but i can try to control my response to them.
i can meditate more, walk more, breath deeply.
i can say no more.
and if i say yes, i take care of myself and my little family before i take care of anyone else.

i love my life.
i just need a little less living crammed into every single second of my day.
i need a bit more simple, longer days, a deeper breaths.

starting now. 
my house is a mess.
deep breath. 
i am happy to clean it tomorrow.
my body is a wreck.
deep breath.
i will call my specialists tomorrow. 
there is a knock at my door just now.
deep breath.
i will set a boundary tomorrow. 

happy breathing to everyone else,
to all of those along side me on this journey.
happy slower days, or at least dreams of time turned still,
life frozen in the moments of peace, calm and joy. 

happy days to you.

Monday, March 2, 2015

state of the homeschool room...

 we are in love with our cozy upstairs living space.
it works hard to keep up with all of our passions, hobbies and the like.
it also relaxes hard.
we finally found a good refurbished tv to mount upstairs -
and now we can have our family movie nights.  
(try to ignore the clutter - real life happens here)
this side of the room houses all of our art supplies, social studies, language arts and literature.
we are constantly having to weed out superfluous materials.
it is obvious a "weeding" is in order.  
we are in dire need of more book shelves.
but as one of my dads says -
"there are never enough shelves for a book collector"
(he would know)
this side of the room houses our current curriculum, science, math and tinkering/STEM materials.  
i finally caved and bought a huge basket (had to be cute as well) for all of our egg cartons and tp tubes.
homeschooling comes with such a crazy amount of stuff -
but it is so worth it and so much fun.  

tomorrow i will do a state-of-the-curriculum post,
and let you know how our school year is shaping up and what new curriculum made the cut.
it should be good and boring.  ;)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

happy 37th birthday to me...

when did i grow up and become such an old lady?!

 i have a busy birthday planned.
i told nick that i wanted my garden beds built, my mid-century shelving hung and my windows cleaned.
that is my birthday present -
getting projects finished.
exciting stuff, right.

and somewhere in there papa ray and gramma di are stopping over for lunch.
i warned them we would be "projecting" all day and might be a bit grubby.  

okay, i am up far too late/early.
my house is 1/2 to spotless, my laundry almost done and my eyelids are drooping.
time to call it a night.

someone wanna make my cake for my tomorrow?
i don't think i'll have the steam to get it done.
german chocolate with homemade pecan praline - it's my annual tradition.
again, exciting stuff.

okay, off to bed.
feeling a bit like crap after such a long day. 
37 is already kicking my butt.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

we're in the thick of it...

even though they're both still in their jammies, school is half-way to done.
but my tummy is growling and i haven't had breakfast yet,
so i think we'll pause and pick up where we are later. 

plus, i need to go clean my office and write ten pages today.
wish me luck!  i need it!