Saturday, February 28, 2015

happy 37th birthday to me...

when did i grow up and become such an old lady?!

 i have a busy birthday planned.
i told nick that i wanted my garden beds built, my mid-century shelving hung and my windows cleaned.
that is my birthday present -
getting projects finished.
exciting stuff, right.

and somewhere in there papa ray and gramma di are stopping over for lunch.
i warned them we would be "projecting" all day and might be a bit grubby.  

okay, i am up far too late/early.
my house is 1/2 to spotless, my laundry almost done and my eyelids are drooping.
time to call it a night.

someone wanna make my cake for my tomorrow?
i don't think i'll have the steam to get it done.
german chocolate with homemade pecan praline - it's my annual tradition.
again, exciting stuff.

okay, off to bed.
feeling a bit like crap after such a long day. 
37 is already kicking my butt.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

we're in the thick of it...

even though they're both still in their jammies, school is half-way to done.
but my tummy is growling and i haven't had breakfast yet,
so i think we'll pause and pick up where we are later. 

plus, i need to go clean my office and write ten pages today.
wish me luck!  i need it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

link love...

here are some of my favorite places to go on the web this past week!

a product i am completely in love with: LINK
a blog post for homeschooling/travel loving parents: LINK
have you heard about this?!: LINK
you know, because it's a 12 shades kind of week around here (gag): LINK
on my to-do list: LINK

alrighty, it's time to hit the sack.
i made it through most of my list today.
so i am extremely tired now.
not because what i did should make me tired -
but because my doctor is keeping one of my meds suppressed this year
(i am too tired to ask why, symptom much?)
so i am tired-tired.

any favorite articles or links lately?
let me know.
i love a good link.

a bit of this, a bit of that...

after a week of non-stop cousin time,
i am surprised how well the kids are adjusting back to life.  
we worked hard to get the house sort-of back in order. 
we've also worked outside a lot, cleaned up, studied, baked, had movie dates, family home evening...
it's been a good busy weekend and a great start to our week. 

today is a charter school day and play practice -
so i will get a chance to tackle some projects and big cleaning jobs.  
i will also get to make a gagillion doctor's appts, clean up my office and no matter what -
i will need to write at least ten new script pages and finish the draft review of my latest.  
it's going to be a busy one - 
but i desperately need to be get some of the these projects off my plate,
from the house, school, work, writing - it all has to start getting wrapped up.  

how does your day look?
full of projects as well?
lots to tackle?

Monday, February 23, 2015

here we go again...

i actually really love mondays.
sundays are not a day of rest to me -
they involve a lot of obligations, meetings and more obligations. 
i have to work really hard to keep my zen in the midst of all the fuss.

but, i love a good monday.
(my kids, not so much)
i love a fresh start to a whole new week.
for about twenty minutes every monday morning,
i get to live in blissful denial that my week is about to spin out of my control. 
(teasing, but not.  sigh)

but this week, with all it's various appointments and commitments aside,
i will be taking control of my own family and our time. 
if i have a plan for a day, i will be following through on that plan -
no matter who calls or drops by my house.
(you have been warned, i will be going about my own life this week)

the things i have/need to do for others:
* getting my kids out to their charter school tuesday and thursday
* making sure a booster club meeting happens one of those days
* engagement pics for lindsey
* cub scout blue and gold dinner
* musical fireside on sunday

the things i want to get done this week (for myself and my family):
* movie night with the kids
* solar system unit done
* finish ender's game as a family, start ranger's apprentice
* read two scripts, five more chapters
* write 10 pages a day
* finish all outside clean up, planting
* order dirt, finish planters
* birthday date night
* call doctor and up meds, blood work

okay, there are probably countless other things to include on both lists...
but my big goal is not to get thrown off my game -
not to get tackled in a parking lot, caught off guard going about my business -
if someone asks for something and it doesn't work with my plans -
it's not happening this week. 
i have to reclaim some sense of control over my life. 

crossing my fingers. 
and toes. 

okay, off to finish digging up all the dirt on the Oscars. 
and then go look at all the pretty dresses.
enjoy your monday. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

throwback thursday...and yes, my husband and i are basicaly twins...

no, seriously.

okay, wrapping up the last few days:
i messed up my meds really badly last week and am paying the price even yet.
nick had monday off and we worked in the garage all day organizing his work bench.
he is a happy man right now, the world has finally aligned and he can find all his tools once more.
that night luke and charlie threw a dinner party upstairs, with accompanying movie -
it was amazing.  they lit candles and had seating assignments and handwritten menus.
there was even a layout of the couch with our assignments as to where to sit during the movie,
even the blankets were organized and assigned to each person.  
i love my kids.  best family home evening ever.
my dear friend, pam, taught dance class again on tuesday.
because i was feeling so badly, nick took the kids.
they were square dancing this week -
everyone came home grinning like fools.  
nick and the kids danced and i love pam for making my little family so happy.
scouts was on wednesday night and since they have been begging to do a service project,
we went to the alley that connects the church to our neighborhood grade school,
and from there nick creepily drove behind us, so as to light our path 
while we picked up a huge bag of trash (which then leaked all over my sandal encased feet).
there was a lot of, "don't touch that!  anything that looks like toilet paper can never be picked up!"
the kids went to bed shortly after our return, only to wake up two hours later with a case of the blues.
we laid in bed for another hour and a half and talked about our feelings and ways we can remember her.  
this is almost a tougher journey on these young ones...and their tender spirits.  
this morning led us out to school for the second day this week -
i remained on campus and packed a bunch of work -
which went undone, because that is what happens when i am on campus.  
but i am happy to be a part of such a wonderful community.  
(even if it means i never get any work done!)
and now i am watching downton abbey and pretending there is not a mountain of laundry to do this weekend!

i hope your weeks has had some nice highlights as well. 
i hope their were at least one or two grinning-like-a-fool moments.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

homeschooling; links and thoughts...

things that caught my eye recently:

read this:  backing off is hard to do
watch this (moms and dads only):  true facts about marsupials
watch this (kid friendly-ish): true facts about the owl
someone told me about this blog: project based learning
think about this: why do americans stink at math?
i want to/will do this (we get to keep learning too):the living studio

i have a contradictory philosophy on homeschooling.
one, go learn everything you can about the craft of schooling your child.
two, don't get overwhelmed by all the possibilities that homeschooling opens up to you.

okay, to break it down a bit.
in regards to ONE,
i really feel it is important to continue to grow your own knowledge -
learn about childhood development, gender differences in learning and brain physiology...
read up on new teaching techniques and styles,
listen to a million TEDed videos, read as many books as you can find -
dig through pinterest, dig through teachers pay teachers.
i am always learning about myself, my children, what we learn and how we learn.
it has enriched the experience greatly.

okay, now with all of that being said -
be prepared to put on your blinders and hunker down with the basics when you get overwhelmed.
there is so much guilt associated with homeschooling.
our kids could have learned latin, french and hebrew by nine if we had really applied ourselves.
they could be world class chess players, chemist and pianist - if we had just done more!
but then, we might have walked away from the best part of homeschooling...
letting our children learn through self-direction, playing, failing, getting up again,
and inventing and imagining the world as they want to. 
sometimes i have to slow down and reconnect with my core goals -
i just want kids that have a happy childhood, learn a lot as they go, play a lot, work hard -
and most of all, feel safe enough in their environment to really explore who they want to be...
now and in the future.

parenting/homeschooling is hard stuff.
we are pulled in a million different directions in this life.
we have a million and one different options/possibilities.  
what are some of your favorite links or thoughts on the subject recently?
where do you have to reign yourself in and where do you want to go further?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

a collaborative family painting...

For a long time, I have wanted to work on a collaborative family painting.  
And since we have a lot of white walls around her
and a great big blank canvas -
now seemed liked the perfect time to start this project.  

This was really fun to do with the kids. 
Surprisingly, Luke has a great feel for the abstract, for balance and shape.
Charlie, on the other hand...we had to reign her in.  

And bonus, I got to play around with my pallet wood stash and build a cool frame for it.  
The idea is that this will hang out upstairs and as we want to -
we'll continue to add layers and details to the painting.

We especially like the idea of visitors being able to add to our family art.