Friday, October 24, 2014

recapping a long and wonderful day...

the kids and i headed across the golden gate earlier today,
cruising into the obnoxiously touristy town of sausalito.
(we arrived before the tour buses - phew)
we had a breakfast/lunch at the coolest/tiniest/yummiest diner.  
the lighthouse cafe - beat the rush, worth the drive.

with our bellies full and counter intuitively - we headed to the marin headlands for a hike.  
but first we found a beach and played with dead sea creatures and shells.
what is interesting about the headlands 
is that the hills are littered with the detritus of military installments dating back to wwii...
it makes for fun and adventurous diversions throughout the hike.  

we will be heading back soon, so as to finally track down the right trail to the point bonita lighthouse.  
the kids are obsessed with tunnels, 
and they know that trail has a tunnel -
thus our imminent return.  

now we are back and thoroughly ensconced in the condo, with no plans to leave -
mostly because the world series is happening two blocks away and it is crazy out there!

picture of the day...

marin headlands, rocky shores.

because i can...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

homeschooling on the fly...

it is almost impossible to pack up your daily curriculum and take it on the road.
(long distance that is, i have tried)
there is no guarantee that you will get to it and your week can get quickly thrown off.
plus, kids really do enjoy "vacations" from the normal routine.

what i have learned to do over time,
is to pack a goodie bag/basket/crate of new and exciting educational finds.
not only do i dig around at the library before i hit the road,
but i also dig through our home library and see what has been put to the side...
or has been patiently waiting to be played with.  
this trip is mellow and we have a home base that is pretty stable and roomy,
so i packed a soldering/electric kit that the kids have been dying to get their hands on,
a few new history books and games, some flashcards, language cd's and our mission packet.  

so far, we are prepped and ready to solder, read our native american text (loved) 
and will do a follow up art/history mini project on it.
we also hung out and read out loud/worked out some fun math mysteries -
(a total hoot - loved this book and can't wait to do more tomorrow night)
we did our daily handwriting (no matter what),
made animated commercials about health products (don't ask, weird kids)
and now everyone is drawn out, read out and deep asleep.  

we also spent the day exploring the "exploritorium" 
i haven't been there since i was a middle-schooler. 
it has moved locations and is a mile and change from us,
so we headed over there this morning and never looked back.

i love the new wharf location and the building is amazing, the labs inspiring, the variety mind-boggling.  
it became a bit much around lunch time with the forty thousand school groups all in full swing -
so we headed back for lunch and rest,
only to head back a couple of hours later to relish the museum in absolute peace
(there were maybe, MAYBE, 10 other families...perfection)

tomorrow we will probably hit up the mission,
or walk the golden gate bridge and head over the marin headlands,
or even go to the de young and visit the amazing artist in residence...

there are just too many good choices.  
we shall see what tomorrow brings.  
no matter what, a european style alarm bell will be soldered
and a few more math mysteries will be solved.  

we like to stay fluid and easygoing with our schedule,
let the mood of the day strike us.  
though personally, i am hoping it strikes us towards the farmer's market down the way
so i can have another smoked salmon bruschetta for breakfast.  
shivers.  heaven.  simplicity defined.  
(coming to the city reminds me how much i miss good food available in abundance)

alrighty, tell me how you travel and school?
do bring everything?  nothing?  a little bit of random as we do?
lay it on me.
i love homeschooling mamas and papas -
i learn something new everyday from you guys.

go HERE for the math mysteries book
and HERE for an amazing book i discovered at the exploratorium.
you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

from dusk til dawn...

yesterday was a long one.
we headed out to school for the morning,
then headed over to the student concert held by the county symphony.
luke is an expressive audience member - 
he loves a good concert (think big applause).
charlie is much more lady like and self conscious (think polite little golf clap).
we said goodbye to all of our friends and headed home.
i finished the pork barbacoa, made the pico, cleaned the dishes, started the laundry, made calls...
and then it was time to head out and pick up a van full of friends for dance class.
charlie wore her halloween costume dress to show my friend pam -
so, that is why she's wearing an old fashioned swimming costume during dance.  
after dropping everyone off, we headed home way past bedtime
and arrived at the same time as dad (parent/teacher night=late night)
and the kids went to bed with little fuss
and i sat down at my computer
and i had received an email -
the retainer account had been found and the check was being cut!
and since my car started leaking again yesterday -
perfect timing.  

alrighty, i'm off to tackle another kind of crazy day -
different, but still crazy.
have a great crazy day yourself.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

it's going to be a long day...

i slept ten hours and woke up feeling like i could sleep ten more.  
i have so much to do just to get us to school in the next hour -
i am not going to make it today.  

there is a concert for the kids this afternoon, pork barbacoa to make, salsa to chop, dance class to attend -
and bonus, i get to track down $5,000 from a retainer account -
and apparently it isn't there.  
that money will keep me awake today -
small blessings. 

alrighty, i am off and running. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

progress on the fort...

the kids made it home from their grandparent's house
and we immediately got to work on our fort project.
we made lots of progress and the kids rocked their jobs,
though i thought the nail gun would be a lot more popular than it was.  
weirdly, the kids like measuring and delivering the wood to their dad.  

alrighty, i'm on day five of the z-pak and i still feel like crud.  
(plus, it's throwing my calcium off)
hmmmm...i probably should have gone for the kenalog shot while i had the chance.  

update in the light of day...
(ignore the unfinished landscaping)


Thursday, October 16, 2014

still coughing, still soup making...

it was a slow day filled with five batches of broccoli cheddar soup (crockpot and stovetop),
lots of laundry, organizing, couch sitting in spurts, and a bunch of coughing.
but i am feeling better tonight and nick and i tackled a couple of chores we've been needing to do -
and now we're settled down for a "date at home"...a movie, brownies and hanging out.

and then i will bag up my soup to freeze and head to bed early. 
that's such a good thought.
and i think i may just feel well enough tomorrow to get some stuff done.
that's an even better thought.