Tuesday, July 22, 2014

goold family reunion...2014, part II


what a year.
the cove had to tear down their dive platform - 
the kids were devastated, and then got over it to swim and swim and swim.
there was a family meeting that filled up the entire lodge with our growing numbers,
family portraits afterwards and pinatas for all the children,
though the adults had just as much fun watching and laughing along with them.

family reunions.
dirty, dusty, sunny and perfect fun.

and to think,
i will be spending my weekend getting my little family ready to go to their third and final reunion of the summer.
reunion #2 recap coming up next.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

goold family reunion...2014, part I

upon arrival at the camp, 
the cousins (very close and very removed) immediately converge to play and catch up.

the men do their thing -
making breakfast for a 150 family members -
a tradition i can support.

our cabin hosted a bevy of cousins the first night -
and left a trail of chaos as only a bevy of cousins can do.  

the kids spend much of their time singing and dancing and play-acting at the outdoor theater.

they take occasional breaks to watch videos of themselves and giggle.

in the main lodge there were lots of conversations, hugs and smiles.

for many of the original goold children (granny eshelman being one of the oldest),
this is most likely the last time they will be seeing their siblings, nieces and nephews.  
it was a bittersweet year.

luke and his gramma, love.

the weather was glorious and packs of children roamed and played and formed new friendships.

it was an exhausting trip,
made more exhausting by the frantic-housing-wrapping-up that surrounded this reunion -
but we wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

and in the state of dream world -
i would own a white farmhouse in the midst of the rolling green farms of eastern oregon -
and there would be no snowy winters.
that would be my utopia.