Tuesday, December 16, 2014


so apparently i am a toddler!  
after picking up the weird little cold that led to pink eye (apparently that is a thing at the moment),
i relapsed a bit on sunday and got a great big raging ear infection.

anyhoo, antiobotics and some bloodwork and i am feeling a lot better.  
and bonus, i can her out of my right ear again.
i have a trick eardrum that hasn't acted up in years.
curse, sigh.  

but weirdly, it led to a great week and a half of the kids playing nicely upstairs while i rested.
and bonus, i was able to finish some last minute presents on my computer.
now all i have to do is head up to welcome one of my baby sisters home from her mission,
and then see my mom before heading into the city to catch up with family for the holidays.  

it's going to make for a long, crazy weekend -
but if i am feeling good,
the time away with family will be relished.  

and now i have to go back to tackling all the things that pile up when mom gets sick.  
ie: a mountain of laundry to fold (thanks nick for keeping up on getting it washed),
putting away a mountain of stacked dishes (again, thanks to the hubby for washing),
and all the random de-cluttering of clutter that no one sees but me.  
(such as the 20 pairs of shoes at the front door that everyone keeps kicking aside)

i hope everyone is feeling well and getting things done,
and when they aren't getting things done -
i hope you all are feeling the peace of this season,
the quiet moments in front of the tree, a family night of reading and talking,
singing and listening to beautiful music, acts of service...and on and on and on...

and happy december birthdays to molly and tj.
it's a busy month - but birthdays are awesome.
i hope you each had lots of cake and ice cream!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


my kids are all about the watercolors lately.  
i am going to dope myself up tomorrow and try this with them.  
i will report back if it is a success and if you should try it.  
see you then.  :)

sicko in the house...

mommy doesn't get sick (well, normal sick) -
especially since i started consuming insane amounts of calcium every waking hour of my life.
but i am.
and i have managed to sleep enough today to have the energy to clean up snowflake making debris
and run a load of dishes, as well as look for a bra. 
i never found the bra, and answered the door three times without it.
it was a non-productive day.

and there is currently a wet load of laundry in the washing machine,
which is going to have to stay there until nick is home -
because i am out of steam.  

sick days, not my kind of fun.
but at least i am catching up on parenthood

Monday, December 8, 2014

monterey, christmas in the adobes...

after hiding my tree in the office to keep snowflake from de-ornamenting it while we were gone,
we hit the road for a quick trip to one of my hometowns.  
and as much as i loved the easygoing meals and beachtime with family and friends,
i adored our first experience walking the historic route through the adobes in monterey.
and it was so much better for the fact that the lewis family have been coming for years -
and knew exactly what to do and where to go.
i can honestly say it would have overwhelmed me a bit to have shown up alone
and tried to figure out which way to go and what was more important to see.  

so, if you're doing the adobes in the future -
find a friend and go with them!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

they did it all by themselves...

ignore the fuzzy pics.  
my camera is dying.  
nearly dead, gasping for breath.
but i keep using it, because i want to replumb the washer and dryer -
more than i want sharp, crisp photos.  

i got a bit bogged down in adoption calls/discussion,
right after i had pulled the christmas tubs out of the garage...
awesomeness ensued.  
sitting in my office, i watched this scene unfold.
it was too much fun to stop.

and besides, our big tree died this year -
so the "charlie brown" stand in is cute and tiny and perfect for kids to tackle.  
though i had to warn then - "no breakables" -
snowflake is as obsessed with fake pine needles as she was last year. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

this is the sweet spot...

every night i go upstairs.
sometimes i fidget with tomorrow's schoolwork,
sometimes i clean and fluff a bit (though, this space will never be entirely clean),
sometimes i bring a book up and read.

it is cosy.
it is unexpectedly peaceful.  

early in the morning, bra/pajama optional, we make our way up here
and we study and build and read and write,
sometimes we make art, sometimes we get upset at eachother,
sometimes we have breakthroughs and sometimes we give up on things.
but mostly we hang out and learn and enjoy eachother.  

there is nothing i like more than reading to my children when they are busy with their hands,
or sitting with them as they work on a paragraph or a difficult page of math.
even better, we have days where we draw and paint and color -
and i have my own journal, we do it together.  

and no matter what we do, 
i find nearly every morning punctuated by the awesome stillness of earnest endeavor.  
i look up from my book or work, look around at my focused children -
take a deep breath and enjoy the shadow play of the swaying branches across the floor,
and exhale the gratitude all but brimming within me.   

our little treehouse,
it is my sweet spot at the moment.  
it is where the kids and i figure eachother out.
it is where i retreat at night.
it is peace.  

i love it. 
where is your sweet spot?
let me know,
i love a good nook, corner, hiding place.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

be still, my heart...

after scriptures, bedtime reading as a family, prayers, room fluffing, oil pulling and the like -
i did not expect to come down the hall to find beds abandoned, rooms emptied...
with everyone in my room, reading quietly.  

daddy's a pushover.  
the best kind of pushover there is.