Tuesday, September 2, 2014

it's that time of year again...

while school has been full-steam-ahead for a while now, 
our classes out at the homeschool charter start next tuesday -
which means it's time for our annual back-to-school feast.

there is a little bit of work to be done to get ready,
mostly designing prints for our theme this year and getting a menu together.
but after that, we'll do what we've done before -
throw together a quick backyard dinner with family
and ring in the new school year.

there is also a fair amount of library/parent lounge work to still be done.
i am hoping to finish a removable mural in the lounge,
helping to ground the kid's play area.
i also need to take the new rugs out and see if they work.
the new lights need to be installed in the bathrooms.
the librarian's desk/work station is being delivered,
and there are countless odd jobs like hanging art, touching up paint and so on and on and on...

i'll post pictures of progress soon.

as for today,
there is a lot of unpacking to be done from our trip to the coast this past weekend.
and then there will be a fair amount of school and cleaning.
and i hope to squeeze in some curriculum building and cooking, maybe a bit of writing.
(plus of bit of the stuff i mentioned above!)
oh, and i would love to get the remaining posts attached to the fort so i can tackle the floorboards.
and maybe, just maybe - i need to mow, mark the lawn and call the cement guy to get curbing done.  
and the garage, i can't forget about that!

it's going to be a busy week!
i look forward to the cooler weather - 
i seem to get a lot more done when i can be outside for hours and hours at a time without burning up.

have a great busy week yourself!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

i found this tonight...and watched it...and might have teared up a bit...


greek fest, 2014...

the food was good, the music was loud, the church was beautiful, the dancing was fun.  
the company was as good as it always is when we adventure out with the lewis family.  
our friend, Tati, came along for fun and we ran into the fox family as well.
it was a fun night that we plan to repeat again.

only next year, I will be wearing shorts, the kids will have a quiet afternoon, we will go later,
and we'll probably stay into the early morning hours of the next day.
and as much as we loved the lamb shanks, spanakopita and baklava we tried this year -
we'll be scouring out the best kebabs and loukoumades we can find next year.  

fyi: i have yet to find baklava as good as the pan of it our iranian friend would make for us when i was a kid.  as one of the last families to flee iran with all their earthly possessions in their pockets, our friends fought hard to start a new life in the united states with their two sons. 
my mom tutored their blind son (who could align a rubix cube in minutes and who would play devastatingly scary magic tricks and stunts on us little girls - stunts that much more scary because of his blindness...he also taught me to play chess...good memories) 
anyhoo - they would invite us over to many a wonderful dinner at their house.  the food was traditional and the dessert was always the same and always the best and most decadent i've ever had - crispy, gooey layers of honeyed baklava. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday, my beautiful niece...

kirtee was the first niece i ever had.
i call her my doll baby.
and now she is all grown up.

i love you, kiddo.
be strong, be brave.
you can do hard things, good things, amazing things.

there is a special light that burns within you,
you glow with a beauty that even you cannot see.
it isn't your cascading hair or those big eyes of yours -
it's your heart of kindness and compassion and service.
you will bless the world with your love.
tap into it.  don't be scared of your big dreams, big feelings.
your potential is limitless.

and we can't wait to see where life is taking you.

we believe in you, 
we love you,
and we hope you have a wonderful birthday.

happy birthday, kirtee.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

wrapping up reunion #2, a mini-horse camp with uncle troy...




as our reunion in aptos was wrapping up,
we snuck in a quick breakfast over near aunt sue's and uncle troy's house.
after eating and catching up,
and while polly, sue and i raced over to cannery row to check out the new dive shop and give my mom a hug -
uncle troy made charlie's day/week/month/year by getting one of the horses out 
and giving everyone a little lesson.

it was a whirlwind end to a whirlwind trip -
and bonus, we got to witness the awesomeness that is fourth of july fireworks in watsonville.
best ever, most dangerous, most surreal display - ALL OVER TOWN!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

family reunion #2, beach day...




most of this reunion was a flurry of meeting new people, checking in with herds of cousins, 
family meals, outings, fireworks and more.
i barely had time to bring out my camera for more than a few events (and i was a bit calcium-sick) -
but i did manage to grab a bunch of beach pics of the cousins.  

there is nothing better than when we all get together
and this pack of cousins falls into their usual patterns of playing until they drop -
and i can't remember the last time we had to police/break up a fight.
it just doesn't happen.
they're buddies.

love them.