Saturday, April 18, 2015

the week goes on...

camping happened -
every. single. night.
muffins happened -
every. single. morning.
movies, sword fights, puppet all happened -
every. single. day. 
we are going to break it down as a family today.  
you know, before the grass dies.
luke did his handsome pose -
and wore gloves as he helped clean up the house.
it was a crazy project week -
working in the garage, on the patio, in the garden, all over the house.
we finally unpacked from our trip to utah (pics to come).
charlie prettified and waited -
while luke collected all of his mini-figures and endowed them each with a unique power...
and then told us all about them in detail.
charlie was enthused to hear every little detail -
i was less than enthused, as i am about many of the lego worlds that play out in my home...
mostly because i had heard the story, the development thereof and the seen the storyboarding -
all of three times earlier in the day.
charlie loved it all.
charlie loves legos and stories and the repetition thereof.
but mostly charlie loves her brother.

so it's a win-win.

charlie and her friend will be baptized in a week,
so we met up with neptune to get pictures for their announcements -
their enthusiasm, friendship and general happiness over their big day...
it makes a mama's heart go thump-thump.

wanna sneak peak?!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

what i see...

sand and stain rolling island
hem undercounter curtain and tighten wire
re-organize all grains and jars and rolling cart/counter/shelves
pull down white curtains and patch holes in all walls
paint trim and louvered doors
hang louvered doors
insulate and sheetrock closet wall
new light installed in closet
glaze closet window
paint interior of closet
build int. shelving for closet
move second refrigerator (the produce refrigerator) into closet
switch out water heat in closet for tankless system on outside of house
patch floor under water heater
remove all glue marks on floor in entire room, especially closet
paint trim and door to garage
paint trim and doors outside
repair blind mechanism on french doors
hang drying rack
hang cleaning rack
hang dyson plug in
small rug for under island
movie cat food and water corner
take off shoe cabinet
hang shelves
shoe box built
situate garbage cans and add art to wall above them/side of them
modern touches need to be added to room - art? containers? prints?

re-lime the brick, sandblast lightly
seal side of brick
build out book shelves to ceiling
hide tv wires again (nick - grrrr...)
mantel?  wood?  repaint?
recover green horse balls chairs, sand and stain wood
put metal legs on couches (finally, sigh)
add trim, press and rehang curtains
build coffee table
modern chair where green chairs are
patch all holes in floor with epoxy (continue to stairs for all nail holes)
lamp somewhere in room?  floor/table?  
frame and hang art of pew
auto body paint pew (sand and prime first) glossy black
paint trim and door of entry
hang art by front window
shoe rack gone and art hung

curtain under desk
sand and stain bench or bring in new chair?
get rid of chevron rug, new rug underneath - gray tones/subtle
bag storage, move all secondary off of hooks and to closet
hang art
cushions for couch
modern side table
book shelf in corner? red cabinet go or stay?
project boards built - consult and scripts
couch stays or chair in?
window coverings - roman shades in white or gray or pale pink

while the majority of the BIG stuff is done -
it's now tackle the little stuff/finally decorate time of the project.
we need to decide on art, fix what isn't working and redo pieces that have needed work -
i have a list a mile long for the rest of the house...
but for now,
one little room at a time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

good morning, lovies!

my kids camped in the backyard again (and it was COLD!),
so first thing this morning a request was sent into the house for a warm breakfast.
30 minutes later, this muffin was delivered via mom courier.

now i'm off to clean my kitchen, unearth my desk and set up homeschool...
have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

in my backyard this morning...

the kids and i were scheduled to be camping in yosemite with classmates this week,
but the cars are in such bad shape, nick and i pulled the plug on that idea.
we just never felt like it was right and good thing we did,
i had a horribly low calcium day yesterday -
so glad i wasn't stuck in the mountains feeling that sick.
but yosemite or not - we were set on camping.  
and camping we did, or rather - they did.  
and bonus, there is wifi out by the tent, so they were able to watch tom saywer and go to sleep under the stars.  
nick and i slept cozy in our bed, about ten feet away with the window open.  
they've already planned a second night of camping,
this time with a fire and s'mores and hot dogs.  
(i'm leaving that up to daddy)
another lovely view in my backyard are these lovelies filling up my beds. 
because of the ridiculously high winter temps this year, 
my seedlings never got enough freezing temps to crack them open and cold hardy them. 
it's too bad and it is a bad year for variety with so many failed seeds -
but at least there were a few here and there. 
 i spend nearly every morning walking the perimeter of the yard, coaxing and talking to my green babies. 
the tomatotillos will be fine this year, the tomatoes...hmmmmm...fingers crossed.  
i still need to transplant my chives from the front, put my potato starts in and plant my borage -
but all in all, the garden is on its way. 
the pests are already out and about,
so i will be brewing some insect tea for them this week.

this is my favorite time of year.
and a new garden layout is always a bit of a mystery/adventure -
with all the unknowns and new soil and whatnot.  

now all i have to do is plan out all my fruit trees and berry bushes...maybe a kiwi vine or two.  

Monday, April 13, 2015 olympiad...

we had a great time getting ready for science olympiad -
and an even better time at the actual event.
luke's team came in fourth in the mystery architecture -
proving again what a good partnership these two made!
(they worked so well together!)
luke and his partner should have won the egg drop as well,
but there was some seriously flaky/aggressive/weird supervision going on at that event -
which then resulted in lots of kids getting to the top of the rankings,
who should have been disqualified.  
oh, and they lost their results and accused us of lying,
until we showed the video to them of the actual egg drop...
to which we received the snarky reply,
"well, good thing you have this video!!!"
(very snarky tone, we practiced our polite smiles and deep breathing)
complaints were lodged by a number of people over this event -
so i have a feeling it will be fixed by next year. 

but all in all, it was a wonderful day of sunshine and friends and lots and lots of science.  
we loved it and charlie cannot wait to be able to officially join the team next year!
and now that most of us parents have made it through our first olympiad -
we have lots of plans/changes for next year!
luke and the other team members are buzzing with their goals and their wish lists -
i can't wait!

ps: science olympiad is a wonderful organization -
and all the events are run by the participating schools,
so in the all the chaos/variation in life and on that day...
it is very natural for some problems to arise.
so, while we were struggled with how some of the event was run,
it was all volunteer based -
and the kids had a blast and recovered quickly!
i have a feeling ERCLC might be running another event or two next year to help out!

Friday, April 10, 2015

egg drop season...

luke and his egg drop partner will be participating this saturday in our county science olympiad.
they are doing two engineering challenges - the egg drop and a mystery build.
if their preparation for the egg drop is anything to judge by,
these two make a great team and will have a very successful build.  

to prepare for the egg drop we built all three materials list and made them into "kits" -
the idea that the kids can be prepared for all three of them, 
not knowing with materials will be assigned until the day itself.  
this approach is a homeschooling mama's dream!
the kids spent over two hours building and rebuilding their contraptions 
and the first two were extremely succesful by their third model each.
(and we're just going to cross our fingers that the third materials list isn't chosen - ick, not a lot of options)

anyhoo - as much fun as this was,
i think we'll be have an egg drop contest from our deck later this spring -
one that is open ended and the kids and try any materials they want.
and because i have the egg drop bug -
i want to try a rotor challenge egg drop. 

i love engineering.  
and more than that -
i love a good team building project.  
seeing your kid work well with others and be respectful and supportive,
as well as intuitive and curious and willing to learn -
that is almost better than anything they might learn in a STEM challenge!