Wednesday, February 12, 2014

catching up...

life is a bit crazy at the moment.  
not crazy - as in out of control, scheduling out the whazoo sort of crazy -
but more crazy in the head kind of crazy.

trying to keep up with adoption, homeschool and unpacking all our belongings
and deciding where they go -
it's a lot for my brain to handle.  

so, while i spend the day sorting felt, yarn, schoolwork and craft paint -
enjoy the pictures of our quick trip up to see kirtee in the city.

we've been on the road a lot lately and i hope it slows down soon.
i really need a good weekend of kid-husband-people-free organizing.
(where i am not responsible for anyone's food, hygiene or spiritual well being)

but don't think this is a bad thing -
i LOVE organizing things.
i just want a good 48 hours to do it the right way,
with my full attention and lots and lots of labels and indexes and whatnot.
i can't wait to tackle the upstairs. 
a bit of putty and caulking left to do today and then i should be able to jump in.

okay, i'm off to juggle a bit more of my life.
one of my children wants to help me upstairs while i touch up paint the above mentioned putty and caulking -
while the other is making mud pies in the back yard.
which will make for a bit of trepidation as i make my way through the next hour or so-
let's cross our fingers the mud pies and the white paint will never cross paths.  


Melinda said...

Thank you for putting the picture up. I have yet to get that small moment since I never bring my camera