Sunday, February 2, 2014

in order to focus myself...

there are so many areas of my life running at full steam at the moment,
that i find i can barely wrap my brain around all that has to be done -
which means my to-do lists run on and on and on and on,
pages and pages and pages that never seem to get checked off.

and there is nothing that makes me happier than checking stuff off a thorough list.
and since that is not possible at the moment -
because the list will never end -
i have decided to tackle this from another direction.

so, tomorrow is my day for the short list.
and the day after that, another short list and so on and so on.
i hope it helps me feel like i accomplish something -
instead of a lots of little somethings all day long with no real end in sight. 

and no more and no less.
when my list is up -
i move on to things that are on no list,
such as reading and writing and playing legos with the kids.

wish me luck.

ps: did you notice how i slipped in as many chores on each line as i could.
it's a disease.
i can't help myself.


Rebecca Susan said...

Gah. . . .I feel your pain. Hang in there--I am so excited for you to finish your house. (Not that that will make all the busyness go away, but at least you'll have all that busyness going on without living in a construction zone and have an absolutely fabulous place to do it all.)